A wedding event will most likely be the largest and most involved event you have ever planned or put together. You can begin planning your wedding day in just a few things to consider.

Monterey Wedding Venue

Enjoy Being Engaged

You may want to kiss your partner a hundred times. Stare at your engagement ring. Take time to note in full detail how you started dating until you two got engaged. You can simply contemplate the great things ahead of you. Capture photos of the two of you wearing the ring. Kiss your partner once more. Enjoy every moment, every second of it and make your engagement very special.

Tell Your Parents

It’s very important to tell your mothers and fathers of your upcoming wedding prior to anyone else. Both of you must be there and you will ideally tell them upfront so they will have the chance to see you both happy, glance at the engagement ring and begin talking about the wedding day. Traditionally, the parents of the bride should know first before the groom’s parents do however, any order is actually fine. After talking to your parents, share the good news with your closest friends – those who are candidates for best man, maid of honor and the bridesmaids as well as the groomsmen, and then the remaining guests.

Buy a Journal, Use it

This moment will be the time you will not want to forget and some disappointing times which you will have to vent about. The planner or journal you have while planning your wedding day will not just help you through but it’ll be something you treasure for a lifetime. If you are an internet-savvy, you may consider starting a wedding blog or doing some online journaling.

Announce Your Engagement

Tell everybody about your big day. There are a lot of ways of how you do this. As a matter of fact, you may consider announcing your upcoming wedding through mailing announcements or print publications. Now would also be the best time to make your own wedding website.

Set a Date for Your Big Day

One of the most significant decisions you will take as you plan the wedding is choosing the date as it will be the very first question everybody will ask you and you would be surprised how hard it’ll be to obtain any progress on planning without having a specific date.

Set the Tone for the Occasion

This is the moment to decide if you will be having a theme wedding ceremony, a casual affair or a formal one. It is also the moment you decide if you will be having a secular or religious ceremony. In short, you have to make a decision to how you want your big day to feel like or in other words, you set the tone for your wedding. A great way to start is to talk to your partner and do free writing about your desired wedding.

Set Your Budget

Begin by having a wedding budget list. Know how much you have saved every month. Talk to your parents if they would want to contribute to your event. Then, find out how much they would want to offer or what things they would want to pay for like a Monterey wedding venue.